Veaudry myCurl


The Veaudry myCurl is a high quality ceramic/tourmaline barrel to create soft curls, waves, tight curls or ringlets – it all depends on what effect you would like! It is also extremely easy and quick to use. You can create tighter curls by using the narrow side of the wand; bigger waves with the broad side of the wand or start with the broad side from the roots leading to the narrow side on the ends to get the perfect spiral curl.

Here are some of the great advantages to the Veaudry myCurl:

  • It heats up within just 10 seconds
  • It comes with a heat resistant comb, two finger heat resistant glove and a roll-up pouch
  • The cord is 3m long
  • The temperature ranges from 80 – 200 degrees
  • The tip of the wand will always stay cool so that you don’t burn yourself while using it
  • 1 year guarantee

The Veaudry myCurl retails for R1790 – you are always welcome to come into any of our Tosca branches for a free demonstration on how the myCurl works and to answer any questions you may have.

Check out the Veaudry Facebook page to view all their latest news and their website to have a look at all the Veaudry stylers!