Thursday Beauty Tactics – Slimming Treatments

At Tosca Tyger Valley the slimming treatments are done with a machine called the Revolution 7; using blue light, infrared and suction to stimulate lymph circulation, blood circulation and increase the body’s ability to reabsorb fat from the fat cells.


The Revolution 7 slimming machine helps with centimetre loss, improves skin tone and texture, stimulates your skins own collagen and elastin, improves the appearance of cellulite, drains toxins from your body and relieves fluid retention. The treatment takes 1 hour to do and includes a pre-heat (preparing the skin for the treatment).

It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to achieve the best results – eat the correct food and get regular exercise; including drinking lots of water to flush out toxins when on a slimming treatment course. Treatments can be done once or twice a week depending on how fast you want to see results. People of any age can have this done!

We have a blogger that will be doing 12 sessions of slimming treatments and she will be posting her review and results soon. You can follow her progress with the hashtag #BikiniReadyWithToscaSalon – plus, you can win 12 slimming treatments for yourself, so please keep a look out on Carla’s blog.

If you would like to lose cm’s, feel good and get your summer body ready then come into Tosca Tyger Valley and speak to any of our qualified beauty therapists and get great advice to see if this could be an option for you!

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